Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dave Does Easter

Wouldn't it be funny if the first Easter fell on April 1st?

Jesus would be all like, "Hey, it's me, Jesus. I'm back."

And everyone would stop biting the heads off of their chocolate bunnies and be all like, "OMG! Jesus, you totally rose from the dead!  Awesome!"

And then he'd be all like, "April Fools! Hahahaha, I gotcha. Hahahaha, you should see your faces, you TOTALLY thought I was Jesus!"

And the people would be like, "Wait.  WAIT.  You mean, you're not the Lord our Savior? This isn't a miracle?"

And he'd be all like, "Yeah, no. Sorry, man. I'm Dave. I get the whole 'Did anyone ever tell you you look like Jesus?' thing a lot, so I thought it'd be funny to just...you know..."

And then there would this weird, uncomfortable silence.

And then Dave would be like, "Ummm, yeah.  So, I think I'm gonna go."

Then there would be an angry mob and everyone would be PISSED at Dave, so pissed in fact that they would gather all the Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt and throw them all at Dave.

And then the Easter egg hunt would have to be cancelled and that would NOT be funny at all. So I guess it's good that the first Easter didn't actually fall on April Fool's Day.

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